Roll Bread

Ban roll bread

6,00 EGP

Special and unique rizo rice bowl from Broaster Egypt. It smelled, tasted, and looked delicious.

39,00 EGP

Golden delicious special recipe of rice cooking with our original soup chicken, spicy, honey, and soy sauce.

From 19,00 EGP
Mashed Potato

Creamy mashed potato bowl, and it is shockingly good! 

From 15,00 EGP
Coleslaw Salad

Shredded cabbage is tossed in a simple, creamy dressing with a hint of sweetness in this crisp and colourful salad.

From 22,00 EGP
Potato Wedges

Fried Potato Wedges are the perfect side dish and go great with everything.

35,00 EGP